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Modular play structures

Modular play structures

Always custom made, FUNPLAY Indoor Modular Structures are divided to Small, Medium and Large Structures, according to their size and the number of kids able to host. All Play Structures are equipped with a large variety of entertaining and innovating Activities, like slides, stairs, shooting ball guns, ball pools, etc.

Modular structures are constructed by a metal frame covered with PVC tubes with foam insertion.

The exterior of the structure is protected by a textile mesh. Structures are divided into levels by panels (wooden panels covered with foam and PVC).

The floor of the structure is made by special panels with foam covered with PVC.

Structures can be customized by applying a layer of PVC painted with different themes.

Structures size can be modified in order to fit the dimensions of the space intended.

All FUNPLAY 's Modular Structures are certified by ISCIR Cert, mandatory conditions for use of equipment, come with certificate of conformity TIP (according HG nr.435/2010) and meet the requirements of EU (EN 1176, EN 1177).