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Tehnical support & assistance services

Posted by John Doe 15/09/2014 3 Comment(s) Services,


FUNPLAY is able to fully support the equipment provided to its Customers, whether coming from Projects with FUNPLAY or has been delivered from other qualified Suppliers, however given that an Inspection will be done from FUNPLAY’s specialized team. The equipment can be either repaired temporarily or permanently or can be replaced with newer and better quality equipment and can be included in FUNPLAY “Maintenance and Repair Facility Agreement” following a meeting with FUNPLAY representatives who will appreciate the eligibility of the equipment and the operation to be included in such an Agreement.

Moreover, FUNPLAY may provide short term or long term renting of equipment, followed or not by purchase, depending on the type of equipment and the terms and conditions requested and agreed. Moreover, replacing of equipment, temporary or permanently can be also agreed, either in case of damages or after the equipment becomes old and obsolete.