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Funplay Products Warranty

Posted by John Doe 09/07/2017 0 Comment(s)

The warranty means that for a certain period after purchase, any manufacturing defect will be repaired free-of-charge or the product will be replaced if cannot be repaired. Each product has been manufactured to precise quality standards from Manufacturers carefully selected by FUNPLAY and all products are extremely reliable but it is possible that faults can develop over time. Warrantee terms are presented below.

The warranty period for products is usually 12 months or more and the warranty period begins from the date printed on the invoice, which is the evidence on which you can make a claim on your warranty.


After the warranty period, you will need to pay for any repair, if repair is possible. The warranty does not cover:

  • normal wear and tear, scratching, abrasions or damage
  • damage caused by misuse or improper handling and carrying
  • damage caused by dropping or knocking the product
  • repairs and modifications done by anyone other than FUNPLAY
  • leaking or exhausted batteries and affected electromechanical parts
  • damage due to improper storage (extreme temperature, humidity etc.)
  • the product for which its documents have been altered in any way or made illegible.
  • the product of which the serial/identification numbers have been altered, removed or made illegible.
  • products being used for commercial purposes.
  • defects caused by abuse or misuse of the product or by unfavorable environmental conditions, damage by pets, lightning, abnormal voltage, water or fire, natural disaster or transport accident.
  • defects are attributable to wear of parts, which can be considered as consumable parts by their nature


To claim repair or replacement, you can send the product to FUNPLAY at your own cost, with a copy of the invoice. You make sure that the product is properly packed to prevent further damages and you give your full name, address, telephone number and e-mail address so you can be reached easily.

FUNPLAY’s liability is strictly limited to repairing or replacing the product.

FUNPLAY’s liability is strictly limited to repairing or replacing the product.

FUNPLAY’s liability is strictly limited to repairing or replacing the product.

FUNPLAY reserves the right to replace the entire product as an alternative to a repair.

If products are sent to FUNPLAY without any contact details, FUNPLAY reserves the right to dispose of your product three months after receipt.

If a product is sent to FUNPLAY without proper packaging and the product is damaged in transit, FUNPLAY reserves the right to charge for extra repairs


The text below can be printed, stamped and signed, upon request, as an evidence of the above norms.

FUNPLAY Standard Limited Warranty

FUNPLAY warrants to the original purchaser that the product covered by this warranty is free from defects in workmanship and materials. Should any part fail in the period of one year from the date of the original invoice as a result of a defect, FUNPLAY will (at its option) either repair or replace the part without charge provided that the product has been operated in accordance with the operating instructions.

Should any such defect arise, the customer should contact FUNPLAY office to report it.

If the repair is non-warranty, the customer will be advised before any work is undertaken.

This warranty is the sole warranty by FUNPLAY and is in lieu of all other warranties express or implied and releases FUNPLAY from all other obligations and liabilities.

This warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear to the product, and in particular does not cover normal wear parts such as cables, wheels, switches, relays, brushes, rubber parts, hoses and bearings. This warranty also does not cover, and FUNPLAY will not be liable for, excessive wear caused by abnormal use.

FUNPLAY will under no circumstances be liable for alterations to the product or for damage caused by third persons, or for misuse or abuse of the product, or damage caused during transportation. Repairs of the product made or attempted by persons other than those specifically authorized by FUNPLAY shall render this warranty void and FUNPLAY will not be liable for such repairs, the cost of such repairs, or the consequences of such repairs.

FUNPLAY will not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss, damage, cost or expense of any kind whatever and however caused whether arising under contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise including (without limitation) loss of production, loss of profits or contracts or of operating time or goodwill or anticipated savings.

More details and further clarifications are to be provided by FUNPLAY website and FUNPLAY office.



FUNPLAY respects the privacy laws and commits not to transmit personal data of site users to third parties. Data, when available, will be used solely for the purpose of establishing contact with Clients and running Orders and to inform them on issues related to the site.

FUNPLAY does not encourage spam, does not provide Clients’ e-mails to third parties (natural or legal persons), does not sell, give, does not exchange e-mail addresses obtained through this site, does not disclose Clients’ e -mails to other people accessing this site, without the Clients’ explicit consent. Any site user who has provided explicitly his e-mail address can choose to ask to be deleted from site databases.

FUNPLAY guarantees the security and privacy hosted by its informational system. The personal data introduced by the Client will be used only in the stated purpose of this site. The information in the Order form is required to send Order confirmations and will not be provided to third parties.

Clients’ personal data could be transmitted to the authorities to carry out checks justified under the law, if this will be requested in accordance with the law.

FUNPLAY will not be held liable for any loss of information caused by any defects or errors in software used and does not guarantee that the site, servers or e-mails sent by site are free of computer viruses.

In accordance with Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and free movement of such data, amended by Law no. 506/2004 on the processing of personal data and privacy in electronic communications, FUNPLAY as owner and operator of is required to manage safely the personal data provided by Clients and only for specific purpose, i.e. the ability of the Client to have access to all functions of the site and for being able to run in optimal conditions the e-commerce activity (account creation, ordering, processing orders, invoicing, delivery, etc.).

The Client is obliged to provide the real data requested in the site forms and Order form and assume responsibility for the accuracy of these data. Refusal to provide information may limit the access to some of the functions of the site and e-commerce services offered by FUNPLAY.

According to the Law, the Client has the right to access his own data, the right not to be subject to individual decisions, the right to get to court and the right to oppose the processing of his personal data, requesting deletion from site databases. To exercise these rights or in case some data is incorrect, the Client may notify FUNPLAY at contact @