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Funplay Concept

FUNPLAY is providing services and products and integrating STANDARD and CUSTOM solutions for CORPORATE Leisure Industry Professionals, for INDOOR Play Areas, for SMALLER KIDS of 3-11 years old, throughout ROMANIA.


FUNPLAY Tailor Made Play Areas

Funplay Tailor made

FUNPLAY gives the opportunity to Customer to decide himself a Theme and a Layout for his Project and select for his Play Area a Playground Structure from a huge variety of Schematic, Thematic and Color combinations. FUNPLAY applies an Interactive Process with the Customer, achieving a solution that best fits to every Customer individual needs and requirements. With the minimum additional Investment and extra Time needed, each client may have his very Own, Unique, Patented, Branded leisure business.

FUNPLAY Standard Play Areas Items

Funplay Standard made

FUNPLAY provides a very long list of standard products a potential client may wish for a Play Area. Standardized Modular structures come with standard dimensions, colors, specifications and activities. Standardized Inflatables, soft play, kiddie rides etc. are described in detail in respective catalogues, while availability and competitive terms are easily confirmed due to good relations with all Suppliers. With FUNPLAY’s know-how in integrating solutions, each client can have the optimum result, at minimum investment cost and delivery times.



Funplay Corporate

FUNPLAY provides B2B Products and Services to the Entertainment, Amusement and Leisure Industry Professionals, Investors, Entrepreneurs and Operators, who need a committed Partner that knows very well the Romanian Market, the Strengths, the Weaknesses, the Opportunities, the Risks and the Threats, the special Regulatory Requirements and the Market Gaps and Needs, in order to realize their Plans and succeeding in having a Proper, Profitable and Compliant Business.


Funplay Retail

FUNPLAY offers a limited variety of kids play Leisure Products, like Plush or Soft Play or Soft Furniture or others, through B2B or B2C internet buyers, through a dedicated website,, for simple and fast e-commerce ordering and delivery process.



Funplay Indoor Play

FUNPLAY has top experience, know-how and knowledge on Indoor kids entertainment Project. With carefully selected Suppliers and top quality Products, FUNPLAY offers the top Indoor integrated services, from design and theming to installation and furnishing. Modular Play Structures with activities, Inflatables, Soft Play and Soft Furniture, Kiddie Rides, Special Rides, Playground Plush Toys, Electronic Games are all come together to bring the proper solution for any Indoor Play Area.


Funplay Outdoor Play

FUNPLAY has limited, however selective involvement in Outdoor Playground Equipment and Projects, through carefully selected Partners, supplying top quality products and services. Several FUNPLAY products, under given weather and installation conditions, may as well be used for both Indoor and Outdoor activity.


FUNPLAY Junior kids

FUNPLAY Junior kids

FUNPLAY main client group was always the todddlers, children from 3 to 12 years old, for which most of the entertainment and leisure products and activities are designed for. From Modular Play Areas, large variety of structural activities, Kiddie rides, soft toys and soft furniture, our little friends use their unique experience.

FUNPLAY Senior kids

FUNPLAY Senior kids

FUNPLAY is constantly widening its product range with selectively evaluating activities covering the age from 12 to 17 years old, either Indoor or Outdoor, which are usually more complex and more technologically advanced, implying always larger space availability for implementation and larger investment costs for the investors and operators involved.



Funplay Local Projects

FUNPLAY is engaged in numerous entertainment and leisure projects in Romania, ranging from hotel and restaurant corners to indoor play areas and up to large family entertainment centers, mainly in Bucharest but also in Brasov, Sibiu, Baia Mare, Constanta, Timisoara, Cluj, Oradea, Ploiesti, Pitesti, Arad, Iasi, and a few smaller cities. FUNPLAY is continuously seeking local partnerships and representations in the Romanian countryside.

FUNPLAY abroad

Funplay Abroad Projects

FUNPLAY, with the support of its old traditional partners and equipment suppliers, currently evaluates the extension of its activities outside Romania, in few other countries in the wider region of South Eastern Europe, namely Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and Turkey, either directly or through local representatives. A potential area of interest is also the Middle East & North Africa region.