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Documentation Contracting Services

Posted by John Doe 15/09/2014 1 Comment(s) Services,


Sample drafts of FUNPLAY Contracts are provided to potential Customers, for standard review of main clauses, however every Contract allows a level of negotiation and customization to each and every Customer and Project.

  • Pre-Contract: usually signed upfront, referring to FUNPLAY Concept Design workings. The contract covers the payment upon submission of the FUNPLAY Concept Designs, as these will indicate whether the Client will further proceed with FUNPLAY. In addition, the “First Layout” that will be prepared will not be charged, as this will be a basic, indicative one, that will help the Client to decide whether to proceed with the Playground Project or not.
  • Final Contract: signed upon Client agrees to continue with Detailed Design, details on Products, Prices, Payment terms, Delivery terms, Installation expenses, other costs etc. The Design costs may be included as well if not paid before.
  • Maintenance & Repair Facility Agreement: optional, signed usually together with the Final Contract, as it will be implemented in parallel to it.